Under Sink Water Filters: Your Guide for 2017

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When you grab a glass of tap water at your house does the taste make you cringe a little?

Picture this: cool, clean water, without the taste, odors, or worry of contaminants.  Under sink water filters can give you tasty, healthy water.  And they are typically easy to install–without requiring you to drop some cash on a plumber.   Continue reading

Is a Home Reverse Osmosis System Safe For You?

It seems like everyone is talking about reverse osmosis for water treatment these days.

So, what’s all the hype about?  What exactly is a home reverse osmosis system?  And is the water produced from this type of system safe to drink?

Let’s explore these questions and find out if reverse osmosis drinking water is right for your home. Continue reading

Alkaline Water Filter Systems: The Ultimate Guide for 2017



Why have we been hearing so much about alkaline water systems lately?  If you’re interested in improving your health and athletic performance, you are sure to find interest in the benefits of alkaline water and foods.

More clinical studies are needed to verify benefits of alkaline water, but anecdotal evidence suggests that higher pH water is good for you.

Continue reading